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18v DeWalt Battery Rebuild Kit from Spring Grove Battery: Worth it? Yes!

Cordless power tools require batteries, and batteries eventually die. Your options at that point are to buy a new 18v tool+battery ($100+), a replacement battery ($50-$60+), or a battery rebuild kit ($46 with Free Shipping).

Power Tool Battery Rebuild Kits and Battery Sales

I’m going to share my recent experience with Spring Grove Battery and their rebuild kits. The short answer is I had a great experience with their kits, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a new battery for their DeWalt, Milwaukee, Lincoln, or Alemite power tools. These kits are the least expensive, least wasteful way that I’ve found to get a new battery for your tool. What do I mean by least wasteful? Read on.

But first, a little background. I purchased my first DeWalt cordless tool (an 18v drill) in 1997. I’ve used it for 10-15 major projects (deck, privacy fence, etc), and dozens of odd jobs around the house over the last fifteen years. But ab0ut a year ago one of the two batteries the drill came with stopped taking a charge. The other battery was weak, but still functional.

Obviously everyone’s experiences will vary with cordless tools and battery life. I’m sure someone who works in construction will need to replace their batteries much sooner than I needed to as a hobbyist and handyman. But I’ve been thrilled with the durability of my 18v DeWalt tools and the longevity of their batteries.

So what do you do when you need a new battery? Well, many of you probably do what I’ve done in the past. You’ve seen that a new battery costs $60, and a new tool costs $100. So why not buy a whole new tool when you need a new battery? That’s what I used to do. Now I have four drills, a flashlight that I never use, a zip saw, three skills saws, and more chargers than batteries. I actually just found a new drill the other day that I had put on a shelf and forgot about.

Now, there’s something to be said about having a backup drill, or even 3 drills in case your friends come over and you want to have a … construction party? But four drills? So many drills I forgot I owned a fourth? Honestly if I bring home another cordless tool my wife will probably revolt and go on a Coach purse shopping spree just to spite me.

Here’s what I’m getting at. At some point it makes sense to replace or rebuild the battery rather than buying extra tools you’ll never use. Sure the tools themselves will wear out eventually. But my original drill from 1997 is still going strong. If each drill lasts me 15 years, I have 60 years worth of drills. I clearly don’t need another. And  3 skill saws? Really? That’s just silly.

That’s why I would argue that buying a battery rebuild kit is the least expensive (expect to save $5-$10) and least wasteful way to obtain a new battery. Spring Grove Battery offers free shipping on all their kits. Expect your rebuild kit to arrive quickly in packaging that is fully recyclable (they use plastic air bladers and cardboard to secure the rebuild kits, not packing peanuts).

18v DeWalt Rebuild Kits from Spring Grove Battery
Expect your rebuild kit to arrive in fully recyclable packaging (cardboard and plastic). Unpacking is clean and easy with no static-ridden packing peanuts to chase around the shop!

I’m not an extreme environmentalist, but I do recycle and it’s nice to see companies like Spring Grove Battery trying to do their part.

Once your rebuild kit arrives all that is required of you is to remove the dead battery pack from it’s plastic enclosure and replace it with the rebuild kit. A process that takes less than 5 minutes. Not convinced? Watch Julia do it in 2 minutes:

The final step is to drop the dead battery pack off at a recycling center (don’t pitch in the trash). Lowes, Home Depot, and many other retailers have recycling bins for everything from fluorescent bulbs to batteries. And this provides an excuse to take a trip to your local hardware store … just in case you need one.

Oh, and one more thing. Battery technology has improved over the last 15 years since my original DeWalt purchase in 1997. The cells that came in my rebuild kit are better than the original cells my drill came with. So I’m actually seeing better than new performance from my rebuilt battery pack. Spring Grove Battery claims that the rebuild kits “contain upgraded [improved technology] cells for a longer run time”. That’s exactly what I’ve experienced with my new battery pack.

I’ve invited Spring Grove Battery to become an advertiser on this site because I believe in their products and I’ve found their customer service to be excellent. So if you’re in need of a new battery, give Spring Grove Battery your business and tell them that you heard about them here!



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