Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Hi, my name is Tyler Youngblood. This website was designed and is currently maintained by me, an amateur machinist.

I decided to create this website because I was frustrated by the limited number of metalworking projects and plans available online. When I was just getting started with metalworking I tried looking online for inspiring, well-designed project plans that were free to download. Sadly, I found very few plans available.

My hope is that by providing free plans to my visitors I will enable more people to discover metalworking. Also, by making the plans available on the internet I hope to expose more young people to this rewarding hobby.

Free Project Plans:

My primary goal with this site is to provide a number of free project plans to help get the new lathe or mill owner started.  If you would like to submit plans of your own, feel free to contact me using the “Submit Your Plans” tab at the top of the page. I’d love to have help compiling useful project plans for my readers.

Book Reviews:

A secondary goal of mine is to provide the amateur machinist with suggestions for further reading. There are several excellent books I’ve found to be exciting, educational and inspiring. I’d like to share my thoughts on those books with the readers of this website with the hope that they will be able to learn what books might be most helpful to them as they are starting out.

One such series of books is the Workshop Practice Series. There are several great books in that series that anyone new to machining would find helpful.


This website is in no way affiliated with the Projects In Metal magazine (which is now out of print, and has been replaced by Machinist’s Workshop magazine, published by Village Press).

One last thing. Since I’m a hobby machinist and not an expert, I’m going to make mistakes. For example, I might type “bore” when I really meant to type “drill”, etc. I’m still struggling with using woodworking terms interchangeably with metalworking terms.

So, if I make a mistake in one of my posts, please politely correct me in the comments section.

I hope you enjoy your visit!


Tyler Youngblood

Seattle WA

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  1. G’day Tyler,

    Mate, Congratulations on your new website.

    The site looks fantastic, it’s got a clean look about it and is really well laid out – well done !!

    P. S. did you make it yourself ? if so, what did you use to put it together ?



  2. Thanks Vlado, the site is built using WordPress – a free, open source content management system. Glad you like it!

  3. How does one register?

  4. There’s a register button in the lower right corner of the website (it’s also where you log in). But I should make it more prominent. I’ll work on that.

  5. I don’t see this button in the lower right corner.
    I see the log in aera, but not this button.

  6. Tyler, I just registered moments ago, so hate to be a bother so soon, but when I try to view a video I notice the screen for the video is covered by other information – something like a double exposure. I believe you have activated two hotspots at the same time.

    Your video on YouTube is what led be to your site. Looks good.