Wednesday , December 13 2017
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Retired electrical contractor. Really always wanted to be a machinist so I am self teaching and having a great time.

A Tailstock Crotch Center for the Lathe

Tailstock Crotch Center with Drill Guides - Free Metalworking Project

by Russ Harman I started this metalworking project last winter because I have always thought it would be handy to have a simple way to cross drill round stock in my shop.  I had planned initially to send this to Tyler for publication but Mr. James Instone beat me to the punch with his fixture for drilling holes in round …

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Turn Your Rotary Table into a Super Spacer with a handy #3MT Chuck Arbor

Phase II Spacer

Way back when when I first got into metalworking one of my early projects was to create a lathe chuck arbor that fit both my lathe spindle and my rotary table. This basically allowed me to turn my rotary table into a Super Spacer. For those of you who haven’t heard of a Super Spacer, it’s basically a rotary table …

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Contributing Author Bio: Russ Harman

Skill Level: Amateur Experience: Electrician 42 years Shop Owner/Employer 32 years Master Electrician 12 years Serious hobby metal work 2 years Other Interests: Reloading/Shooting Old Iron-Tractors, Farm Equipment Computers/Automation, PLC work Cabinet Making Casting/Forging/Blacksmithing Machinery: Logan 820 lathe, my baby South Bend M13-14½-16 Lathe Bridgeport 2hp J Head Delta/Rockwell 24” Bandsaw Jet Horizontal Bandsaw Delta Floor Drill Press Rockwell Radial …

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Adjustable Tailstock for a 5C Collet Indexer

5c Collet Index Tailstock

Here’s a nice weekend metalworking project for you, an adjustable tailstock for a 5c collet indexer! I have noticed in several articles that there seems to be a lot of interest in an adjustable tailstock for a 5c Collet Indexer.  Over the years I have accumulated three of these handy gizmos and not a one of them came with a …

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Shop Tip: EZ Tap Guides

by Russ Harman Girls, boys and all the ships at sea.  Did I include everyone?  OK, here is a super simple project to burn up a Saturday or a couple nights during the week while you are waiting for the Sea Chickens (aka Seattle Seahawks) to return for the playoffs.  Far better than watching run of the mill re-runs on …

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