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AXA100 Tool Holder Clips for Any Lathe

Several months ago launched it’s first product, AXA 100 tool clips for the Grizzly G0602 lathe. These clips make it easy to safely store your extra tool holders by clipping them to your lathe’s backsplash, where they are safely out of your way yet ready at a moments notice.

Parting Tool and Clip
Parting Tool Mounted on G0602 Backsplash

These clips have proved so popular that we have expanded the line to include many different sizes. So now other lathe owners can have their own.

 AXA 100 clip sizes 6 – 9 shown side-by-side

Price: $7 each (US orders $25 and over ship free)
Warranty: Lifetime Replacement
 if defective or damaged during normal use.

How to Purchase:

There are three critical dimensions to consider when placing your order (all dimensions are in inches).

  1. The thickness of the lip (min 0.000 (ie no lip), max 1.000″)
  2. The height of the lip (min 0.300, max 0.500″)
  3. The thickness of the backsplash (ie the gage of the metal). Thickness over .070 may require filing of the clip to remove excess material from the supports.
You also need to consider the style of the lip. These clips fit backsplashes with no lip, or with a lip that is folded forward and down. If your lip is reversed (ie folded away from the operator) these clips might still work, but they would clip behind the backsplash instead of in front of the backsplash (which might suit your just fine).
Step 1: Measure the height of your lathe’s lip (if it has one). If it is between 0.300 and 0.500 inches in height, proceed to Step 2. If it is larger than 0.500  or smaller than 0.300 send me a message via the forum and I will look into making you a custom set of clips. Your lip should also be parallel to the backsplash, if it’s not the clips won’t attach securely.
Dimension must be between 0.300 and 0.500 inches
Step 2: Measure the width of your lathe’s lip. Be sure to measure multiple times along the entire backsplash. My backsplash ranged from 0.580 to 0.625 due to loose tolerances. Clips are secured in place by tightening a 4mm set screw (which presses the red pad firmly against your backsplash lip). Therefore your backsplash width can vary widely along it’s length and you can still use a single size of clips. Using the largest measurement, choose the appropriately sized clip below:
Must be between 0.000 (no lip) to 1.000 inches
Size 1: For lathes with a lip width of 0.000 (no lip) to 0.100″
Size 2: For lathes with a lip width of 0.101-0.200
Size 3: For lathes with a lip width of 0.201-0.300
Size 4: For lathes with a lip width of 0.301-0.400
Size 5: For lathes with a lip width of 0.401-0.500
Size 6: For lathes with a lip width of 0.501-0.600
Size 7: For lathes with a lip width of 0.601-0.700
Size 8: For lathes with a lip width of 0.701-0.800
Size 9: For lathes with a lip width of 0.801-0.900
Size 10: For lathes with a lip width of 0.901-1.000

Select Your Clip Size

AXA 100 Clip Sizes

All clips are $7 each. All orders under $25 will have an additional $4 S/H added to them. US orders of $25 or more SHIP FREE  (so order 4 or more clips to receive free shipping). If you’d like to order from outside the USA feel free to do so and I’ll email an invoice for the shipping difference if your order costs more than $4 to ship. If the shipping proves too expensive you can cancel your order and receive a refund. I’ve shipped to Canada and the shipping was still under $4. I’ll update this page with the cost of other international shipping rates as orders get filled.
To give you an idea of package weight and size, I ship the clips in a 6×9″ bubble mailer via USPS. 6 clips plus the mailer and shipping label weigh 6 ounces.
Satisfaction Guarenteed! If you receive your clips and they don’t fit or you’re not satisfied with the quality simply send them back and I will give you a refund or replacement.
Thanks in advance for your purchase. Your order helps continue to keep free for everyone!



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