Tuesday , February 20 2018
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How to upload images to the forum, or insert from Flickr, Photobucket, or any other image sharing site (Updated Directions!)

Recent changes to the forum software have led to some confusion about uploading images. Now the “Insert/Edit Image” button is only used for inserting links to images that are hosted elsewhere (like Flickr or Photobucket). If you need to upload your image directly to the site, you can do so using the Upload Attachments button in the lower left corner …

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Forum Software Has Been Upgraded! New Features Abound!

Hi Folks, It’s been a busy weekend here in Seattle where I’ve been feverishly updating the forum software and functionality. I think I have all the “kinks” worked out, but if you discover something that’s malfunctioning, please let me know via the forum and I’ll look into it. Improvements: I’ve added a font-resizer to the forum. This is the improvement that I’m …

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Harold Hall’s Website: A Wealth of Knowledge, Projects, and Plans

Many of you are familiar with the master machinist Harold Hall, and the (literally) hundreds of projects and tips that he has published over the last several decades. Most of which can be found in past issues of Model Engineers’ Workshop Magazine (a magazine for which Harold served as Editor for a few years in the 1990’s). Harold has also …

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An Update on Where I’ve been, and Plans Moving Forward

If you’re a regular forum reader than you probably already know that I’ve spent the majority of 2011 working really hard to avoid a layoff. As a result, I haven’t had much time to put into the site content or into monitoring the forum. A few of you have even contacted me personally via email to inquire about my absence. …

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Great Deal on Taps! 44pcs for less than $26 – USA Made

This isn’t my auction, but I thought it looked like a great deal. (Thanks Ironman for pointing this out on the Forum!). It’s for 44 taps in various sizes … for $26 bucks! For comparison purposes, I’ll include a box below showing other taps and their prices on Ebay (typically a quality 3 piece set is about $15+). And according …

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