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Contributing Authors

Contributing Author Bio: Russ Harman

Skill Level: Amateur Experience: Electrician 42 years Shop Owner/Employer 32 years Master Electrician 12 years Serious hobby metal work 2 years Other Interests: Reloading/Shooting Old Iron-Tractors, Farm Equipment Computers/Automation, PLC work Cabinet Making Casting/Forging/Blacksmithing Machinery: Logan 820 lathe, my baby South Bend M13-14½-16 Lathe Bridgeport 2hp J Head Delta/Rockwell 24” Bandsaw Jet Horizontal Bandsaw Delta Floor Drill Press Rockwell Radial …

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Contributing Author Bio: Harold Hall

Briefly my background is: I have lived all my life  about 25 miles north of London (UK) Was born in 1933. I started working at the age of 15 as an apprenticeship at an electrical control systems company. They made most of their own high power components so there was a machining portion to the apprenticeship, being my only contact …

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Contributing Author Bio: Jim Schroeder

About Jim: Hello, Jim Schroeder here. I am a long time follower of Projects in Metal and recently have had the opportunity to contribute some material. I live at the base of the Olympic National Park just outside of Port Angeles, WA. If you are familiar with Washington State, then you know this is a very beautiful area. I am …

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Contributing Author Bio: GarethBell

Playing guitar

Hello, I’m Gareth. About me: I live in North Wales I work as a firefighter My interests include photography guitars golf shooting kiteboarding stargazing and of course hobby engineering I studied outdoor education in college I spent 4 years in the territorial army, and have completed tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Why did I get interested in machining? I wanted to …

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Contributing Author Bio: Kyle Crane (origin7511)

Skill Level: Amateur. 2 years in hobby metal working. 6 months with CNC milling. 4 years in hobby electronics. About me: 36 years old. Living in Missouri, want to live in Colorado. Interests in computers, electronics, backpacking, shooting, photography, and now machine work. Family is my wife and my only daughter (one little girl is drama enough!) Dog lover. Employed …

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