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Building a Flame Eater (Vacuum) Engine – Part 1: The Cylinder

Flame Eater by Jan Ridders

I’ve been working on Jan Ridders’ “Flame Eater” engine for over a year now. When I first started I didn’t have a mill (nor a plan as to how I would complete the project without a mill) but I started on the engine anyway. Eventually I turned just about every piece that could be turned and then hit a wall. ... Read More »

New Project Plans: A Pressure Controlled 2-Stroke Engine by Jan Ridders


This is the third and final engine contributed by Jan Ridders of the Netherlands, a pressure controlled 2-stroke engine. I asked Jan to pick his most simple designs in each of 3 categories, Stirling, Flame Eater, and IC.  This set of plans is for his most simple IC design, a pressure controlled 2-stroke engine. If you’d like to see the ... Read More »

New Project: Plans for a Simple Air Engine


Material: Aluminum, Steel, and Brass Units: (in) If you’re looking for a simple engine to build that runs on compressed air, here’s a nice set of plans for you. Here’s what Rob had to say about his plans: “This was the semester long project we did in class for Machine Tool Technology at the University of Central Missouri . I ... Read More »

Free Metalworking Project Plans: A Simple Two Stroke IC Engine


Material: Steel or Aluminum Units: (in) Here’s a set of plans for a nifty little two stroke engine submitted by Shane W., a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Here’s what Shane had to say about his project: “This is a two stroke internal combustion engine that I designed for a design class. Though ... Read More »

Free Metalworking Project Plans: The Flame Eater (Vacuum) Engine by Jan Ridders


Material: Steel and Brass Units (mm) Back in February I posted plans for a Coffee Cup Stirling Engine by Jan Ridders, which have proved quite popular with more than 500 downloads to date. Since the first engine went over so well with everyone, I thought it was about time for another. These plans are for a “Flame Eater” engine (AKA ... Read More »