Wednesday , December 7 2016
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10+ Christmas Gift Ideas for the Machinist or Hobby Metalworker

Every year my wife struggles to think of what to get me for the holidays. So this year I decided to give her a wish-list of tools in various price ranges. That way no matter what gift(s) she put under the tree, we both knew they would be something I would use and enjoy. Then it occurred to me that this list might be helpful for others. So if you want to make things easy on your wife, kids, or anyone else who might be shopping for you this holiday season, email them a link to this post, or print it out and circle your choices, or make a similar list of your own ...

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The “Captive Nut” – a Fun Puzzle For The Kids (or the Kid At Heart).


I’m sure many of you have already seen the “captive nut” in one form or another. I came across it a few years ago and forgot all about it until it showed up on the forum recently. Here’s Gareth Bell’s Captive Nut: And here’s another version by Jerry: It’s a great project for the beginner for a couple of reasons, ...

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Fun Gift Idea for a Machinist’s Wife – Spring Retaining Ring Earrings


This isn’t exactly the kind of project I intend to regularly promote on this site, but I saw these earrings today and I cracked up. I called my wife over and she loved them. So “simple and elegant” is how she described them. She had no idea that the earrings were made from re-purposed spring retaining rings. So I thought ...

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