Wednesday , December 13 2017
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Making an index wheel for the G0602

Several years ago I made an index wheel for my G0602.  At the time I was building a modified Brooks cutter/grinder and had a number of calibrated dials and knobs to make.  I never wrote up the index wheel project. However, the index wheel has appeared in many photos that were incorporated into other posts that I made and as …

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Adjustable Tailstock for a 5C Collet Indexer

5c Collet Index Tailstock

Here’s a nice weekend metalworking project for you, an adjustable tailstock for a 5c collet indexer! I have noticed in several articles that there seems to be a lot of interest in an adjustable tailstock for a 5c Collet Indexer.  Over the years I have accumulated three of these handy gizmos and not a one of them came with a …

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Shop Tip: EZ Tap Guides

by Russ Harman Girls, boys and all the ships at sea.  Did I include everyone?  OK, here is a super simple project to burn up a Saturday or a couple nights during the week while you are waiting for the Sea Chickens (aka Seattle Seahawks) to return for the playoffs.  Far better than watching run of the mill re-runs on …

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The Story of the “NASA” Nut Cracker

NASA Nutcracker

by Russ Harman Just in time for the season and the timing could not be better for this is the story of the NASA Nut Cracker.  Not having the deep pockets necessary for a full blown version I was forced to forgo the titanium necessary and be happy with plain old carbon steel for the prototype. Hard to believe it …

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Portable Coolant / Lube System for the Lathe or Mill

by Russ Harman Here we go fair hobby machinists, this is my first attempt at writing an article to share a rather simple idea to help my fellow brethren. Something I missed from my first Grizzly mill was the installed coolant system. Although rather messy to use it sure helped extend tool life and improve surface finish at times. I …

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