Wednesday , December 13 2017
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A DIY Powered Benchtop Tapping Machine


Howdy Guy’s and Gal’s! It’s my turn now to contribute to the site with a tool that I consider a “must-have” for the home shop machinist. A powered benchtop threading/tapping machine! For some 25 years I have used this simple tapping machine in my workshop. One of my old colleagues invented it more than 40 years ago and he gave …

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How to Make a Custom Tap for Uncommon or Proprietary Threads

Creating a Custom Tap for Uncommon or Proprietary Threads

Have you ever needed a special size nut with uncommon or proprietary threads? Recently, I came upon a special size nut that I needed to repair an old Brown & Sharpe Protractor. Measuring the stud that I needed a nut for, I discovered that the stud was .207” and had 28 TPI. A number 10 bolt measures .190” and a …

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Shop Tip: A Fixture for Drilling Holes in Round Stock

Here’s a handy weekend metalworking project for you! This is a device to drill cross holes in round stock. It is not to be used when great accuracy is needed. This is a simple way to drill cross holes in axles and other round stock easily. I started this project as a trial to see if it would work with …

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Turn Your Rotary Table into a Super Spacer with a handy #3MT Chuck Arbor

Phase II Spacer

Way back when when I first got into metalworking one of my early projects was to create a lathe chuck arbor that fit both my lathe spindle and my rotary table. This basically allowed me to turn my rotary table into a Super Spacer. For those of you who haven’t heard of a Super Spacer, it’s basically a rotary table …

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