Tuesday , February 20 2018
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18v DeWalt Battery Rebuild Kit from Spring Grove Battery: Worth it? Yes!

18v DeWalt Rebuild Kits from Spring Grove Battery

Cordless power tools require batteries, and batteries eventually die. Your options at that point are to buy a new 18v tool+battery ($100+), a replacement battery ($50-$60+), or a battery rebuild kit ($46 + Free Shipping). I'm going to share my recent experience with Spring Grove Battery and their rebuild kits. The short answer is I had a great experience with their kits, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a new battery for their DeWalt, Milwaukee, Lincoln, or Alemite power tools. These kits are the least expensive, least wasteful way that I've found to get a new battery for your tool. What do I mean by least wasteful? Read on.

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An Introduction to Paints and Painting Tips for the Machine Shop

Jim walks us though the process of choosing the right paint, the right brand, and the right application techniques and equipment for both woodworking and metalworking projects. He even links to a video on how to set up a spray gun correctly. So if you are like me and find the world of painting a bit mystifying, it might behoove you to read on.

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Shop Tip: Cleaning and Refurbishing a Drill Chuck

by Alexander M. We have all read Blame’s post about cleaning out the dust and old grease, to reduce wear and improve concentricity.  But what about drill chucks, they certainly can benefit from disassembly and cleaning, however the lack of screws make it seem impossible to disassemble. It turns out that by pressing out the sleeve, the whole thing unravels. Here …

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