Monday , November 24 2014
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  1. Hi, how are you? I haven’t received any email, I’ve checked the trash folder.

    Thank you.

  2. Sorry, I missed an entire sentence above!! I’ve tried to register for the site but haven’t received any emails yet. I’ve checked the trash folder and I’ve tried the password reset.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi all from the UK

    I have just had my first look at Projects in Metal and as much as I hate to criticize I hope my coment will be taken as constructive, no pun intended.
    I found reading the content very difficault with the script being white on black and finished with aching eyes.
    The standard format used for years with books (black script on white backgroung) is far more easy on the eyes.
    The content is very sparse but hopefully will blossom with time.
    More links to other workshop and metal working sites would not come amiss and no doubt would improve relationships with those sites who may well reciprocate.
    On the good side I think the future looks bright for the site but it will only prosper If a lot more hobbists in metal and wood, contributing.
    Finally a small contribution from myself. I came across an electric oscillating toothbrush that had a small piece of emery paper -or sandpaper could be used – glued to the brissles and made for a very small precise sander for metal or wood, ideal for getting into those difficault places.
    Best of luck to all concerned.

  4. Help. How do I navagate this site? How do I read the forum?

  5. on registering, my email address was accepted but not my username (already taken) and now I cannot register as it now says my emaiil is already used.