Thursday , February 22 2018
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  1. I want to build a can crusher like the one I saw on tou tube. The one on you tube is a hand operated wheel that crushes aluminum cans. The can crusher is painted green and yellow like John Deere colors. I hope you can help. thaanks

  2. Sorry you have changed all this site, i am having one hell of a time with it.
    Very difficult to use, so right now i’m going to have to quit, can’t get through it. Sad.

  3. Why is the topic or print so small that i have trouble reading it?

    The previous site was great to go through,, this is terrible!!

  4. I can try and make it a bit bigger. Give me a few days to find some time to dig into the CSS.

  5. Hi i cant log on for some reason. I have entered fogotten password, and tried regestering again. I get problems from both, please help.

  6. How the heck does a person register?

  7. Via the registration link in the upper right corner of the website. Are you unable to see it? If so, what browser are you using?

  8. Hello everyone,
    I do not see the Register in place to “log in”
    please help me.

  9. Using Firefox and see nothing but “Have and Account? Log In”

  10. Just looked with IE and the same thing

  11. You are completely right! I apologize. I have fixed the issue and you should be able to register now. Sorry about that!

  12. Ok, now it should be working. I think I have all the bugs worked out and you can register from any page. It was working before, but only from the home page and not for every user. Please let me know if you experience any additional problems.

  13. Tyler,
    Do you have drawings for the Cross Slide retractor or the Retracting Tool holder? I would love to do either for my lathe. I have a Baileigh PL1340-E, I believe is a clone of the Grizzly G0602.


  14. The images show the dimensions. I don’t have official drawings yet, but I’m hoping to find time to draw them up in Solidworks. For now you should be able to make them from the Sketchup drawings.

  15. I am trying to reset my password, but the link that is sent vial email is not working. How do I reset my password so I can log in? Thanks.

  16. Registered on 05/16/13 but did not receive an e-mail and even checked my spam folder just in case it went there. Thanks

  17. Tyler,

    Just found the e-mail. It went to my trash bin for some reason.

  18. I log in Ok but cant seem to select anything other then the articles on the main page. Everything else in the Forum takes me to my profile page and that wont even let me place an Avatar or PM you. When I try it says I must change my password?

  19. I was wondering if we could have some plans, or even a video on how to make Jim’s chuck cover/electrical stop for the G0602. It seems like a great idea safety wise. Thank you.

  20. I was wondering if you had the whole plans to the metal rubber band gun, I’m really interested in making it and was wondering if you had prints with all the measurements on it, Thank you.

  21. Hi, how are you? I haven’t received any email, I’ve checked the trash folder.

    Thank you.

  22. Sorry, I missed an entire sentence above!! I’ve tried to register for the site but haven’t received any emails yet. I’ve checked the trash folder and I’ve tried the password reset.

    Thank you.

  23. Hi all from the UK

    I have just had my first look at Projects in Metal and as much as I hate to criticize I hope my coment will be taken as constructive, no pun intended.
    I found reading the content very difficault with the script being white on black and finished with aching eyes.
    The standard format used for years with books (black script on white backgroung) is far more easy on the eyes.
    The content is very sparse but hopefully will blossom with time.
    More links to other workshop and metal working sites would not come amiss and no doubt would improve relationships with those sites who may well reciprocate.
    On the good side I think the future looks bright for the site but it will only prosper If a lot more hobbists in metal and wood, contributing.
    Finally a small contribution from myself. I came across an electric oscillating toothbrush that had a small piece of emery paper -or sandpaper could be used – glued to the brissles and made for a very small precise sander for metal or wood, ideal for getting into those difficault places.
    Best of luck to all concerned.

  24. Help. How do I navagate this site? How do I read the forum?

  25. on registering, my email address was accepted but not my username (already taken) and now I cannot register as it now says my emaiil is already used.