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Free Metalworking Project Plans: A Burgeon-Style Gear Cutter for Clockmaking

Material: Steel
Michel has designed a Burgeon-style gear cutting machine for making precision clock gears that uses an inexpensive Dremel tool. Here are the two machines side by side: The original Burgeon (which costs $7989.00) is on the left. Michel’s machine (which costs a lot less) is on the right.

If you’re a clockmaker (or have some other need for cutting precision gears) and you don’t want to spend $8K on a quality Burgeon, take a look at Michel’s detailed plans. FYI, the plans are in French (for example, the index plate pin is called a “pointeau”), but that shouldn’t prevent anyone from being able to read the dimensions (which are metric).

Here’s a translation (which I edited a bit for clarity) of what Michel had to say about his project:
“This is milling machine for clockmaking that I designed for use with a Dremel. This machine is based on a milling machine from the Bergeon company. The goal was not to duplicate the Bergeon design exactly, but rather to alter the design to allow for the use of a Dremel. A lightweight Dremel is easy to mount thus avoiding the need for a larger motor and pulley (like in the Burgeon design). On my site you will find photographs as well as the method of construction.
Also on my site there are other projects which might be of interest to your visitors: A quick change tool post that I designed which has proved to be very handy, as well as a stainless marking gauge, which was a very beautiful project to create.
–  Michel”
Thanks for sharing your plans Michel!
If you would like to have your project featured on this site, please do what Michel did and click on the “Submit Your Plans” tab at the top of the page. Sharing your projects and plans with projectsinmetal.com is the easiest way to show your support and help this site grow.
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  1. Hello, I’ve been looking at your plans and I’m wondering what level of skill is required to make this project and secondly can it be done on a Unimat 3? 

    Thank you

  2. Hi GD,

    This gear cutter is a more advanced project requiring a late, mill, and some way to index the holes (ie via a rotary table or index) that need to be drilled into the indexing plate. You could make a lot of the parts on a unimat, but you might find the machine a little undersized for some of the turning tasks. 

    I’d definitely recommend starting out with a few beginner projects to get a feel for your Unimat before trying to tackle a larger project like this. I think a lot of people (myself included) underestimate the complexity and time commitment of projects when they are just starting out. So they get discouraged when things don’t progress as easily or as rapidly as they expect. I know I did as a beginner. 

    So if you own (or have access to) a mill and a way to index the plate, it could be built. But you might find the Unimat lacking in size and power for some of the larger parts.