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Free Metalworking Project Plans: A Marking Gage

Material: Brass

This Brass Marking Gage is the 4th of 5 great projects from Ken.

Here’s what Ken has to say about this latest project:

“This next little project was a real test of my newly learned skills, and involves turning, milling, drilling, tapping, threading and knurling. All these operations were done on my Unimat 3 mini lathe/mill. Being a novice, if I can do it, so can you.

I chose brass for the body, mainly because of what material I had on hand, and when polished, would look the part.

The body and adjusting block were drilled out 10 dia in one piece, then parted off with a slitting saw. See earlier Slitting saw project.

I use this item to scribe lines a certain distance in from the edge of the work, or down the centre line. The scribed lines are used to locate hole centres, etc.

The thumb screws and adjustment wheel were knurled with my knurling tool, see earlier Knurling tool project. The diamond pattern was achieved by swinging the knurling around on the saddle.

I use my digital vernier to set the distance, then transfer this to the marking gauge. Fine adjustment is achieved by using the adjustment wheel.

I find this little gadget very handy, it’s almost too good to use. Might even be a usefull item for wood workers.”

– Ken

Ken originally posted these plans back in 2007 (along with 4 others) on the Metalworking section of Woodworking Australia’s Woodwork Forums. Here’s a link to Ken’s original Marking Gage post in the Metalworking section of the forum. Check back next week for Ken’s final project, a slightly different Joinery Marking Gage.

Thanks for sharing Ken!

If anyone has any questions about this, or any other project, please leave a comment. And as always, if you have any plans you’d like to share with the site, please submit your plans using the tab at the top of the page.


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