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Free Metalworking Project Plans: A Simple Two Stroke IC Engine

Material: Steel or Aluminum
Units: (in)

Here’s a set of plans for a nifty little two stroke engine submitted by Shane W., a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Here’s what Shane had to say about his project:

“This is a two stroke internal combustion engine that I designed for a design class. Though the design is unique and engineered by me, much inspiration was taken from an engine from the 50’s called “The Little Dragon.”

Engines are not exactly simple to make or design, but this one is designed to be as easy as possible to construct, using standard size stock to minimize machining. In fact I was able to build it and get it running with the experience from building a simple air engine and nothing else.

Most of the tolerances are a little tighter than necessary, particularly the bore of the cylinder. You can get away with it being a couple thousandths off.

It runs on 30% nitromethane fuel mixed with castor oil. The plans don’t exactly follow any standard, though they lean toward ansi. In the drawings for the cylinder, con-rod, and piston I used hidden lines to represent tool paths. I don’t have drawings for the needle valve, though many are easily obtainable online, or a pre-made one can be purchased.

– Shane”

Thanks for submitting your plans Shane! Be sure to visit Shane’s site to check out his other projects and to see a video of this little engine in action!

Would you like to have your project featured on this site? If so, do what Shane did and click the “Submit Your Plans” tab at the top of the page.

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  1. Hey me and a friend are working on making one of this in our BOCES class. I was wondering what sized glow plug we needed and also where we can find a needle valve. Thanks for posting this awesome project. Reply would be much appreciated.Smile

  2. I haven’t made one, so I won’t be much help. Your best bet would be to visit Shane’s site and see if he can help. If you figure it out please post back here so others will know. Thanks!


  3. Well, never mind  His site seems to be gone. Hmm. You might be on your own for this one. You could try contacting his school instructor to see if he has any information.

  4. I have been trying to finish one of these myself. I downloaded quite a bit of info from Shane’s site, didn’t know it went away. He made the needle valve out of brass and threaded it. As to the glow plug, I haven’t gotten to that point yet but a glow plug for an .049 or so will probably work. As i recall they are a 1/4-32 thread.


  5. Thanks Sammy for chiming in. I haven’t made one of these types of engines so I wasn’t much help. We need to get together again as the weather warms. BBQ? Invite some of the local Seattle members?

  6. Always up for a BBQ Tyler! It would be fun to get together with some of the other locals. I checked what I have on the IC engine and all I have is the PDF of the construction and I downloaded the needle valve drawings before Shane’s site went away. Is it okay to post them?


  7. It should be just fine. I got permission from the original author to post them here to begin with, so I can’t imagine that he’d be upset if they were reposted. Thanks for posting them!