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Free Metalworking Project Plans: The “Two Slider” (Mill)


Material: Aluminum and Brass
Units: (in)

I’ve looked all over for a fun set of plans to use as a beginner milling project. Oddly, it’s been hard to find a suitable project. Luckily I came across a set of highly detailed, step-by-step (seriously, 30 pages) set of plans for a nifty little project by Frank Ford called the “Two Slider“. I’ve seen something similar in the past made from wood called a Smoke Grinder, and I remember feeling a bit autistic as I cranked away mindlessly on the handle of the wooden toy … for several minutes. If nothing else, this project would serve as a nice little conversation piece at your next dinner party.

Frank’s site is full of great projects, tips, and ideas so I encourage you to check it out when you have a chance. Also, I’ve converted his Two Slider instructions to PDF for easy printing (that way you can take a set of plans with you to the mill), but they are no substitute for the original plans. If you decide to tackle this project you really should take a look at the original set of plans on Frank’s site, if for no other reason than the fact that you can click on all the images for a larger view.

Oh, and if you’re still trying to figure out how this project works, here’s a GIF from Frank’s site that illustrates its function.twosliderI’ve included the plans below in PDF format. Take note that the numbering on the pages is a bit odd so if you print the plans, make sure to keep them in order and staple them together.

Also, as a new machinist you may not already own a suitable T-Slot Cutter (AKA Woodruff Keyseat Cutter), so I’ve included a few links to some e-bay auctions below to help you find one (you’ll be cutting a slot with a bottom width of just over .600, but the slot itself is only .400. So a 3/8 inch (.375) cutter should work fine – but be sure to double check the plans before you purchase).

If you have a set of plans for one of your first lathe or mill projects, please consider uploading them and sharing them with others who visit this site. Thanks!

  Home_Shop_Tech_-_2_Slider_Complete.pdf (1.4 MiB, 2,919 downloads)
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