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G0602 Threading Charts Lead to a Free Software Application for the Lathe

A few weeks ago Jim Schroeder started a forum post called “Everything You Need To Know About G0602 Gear Ratios“, where he posted some charts that he had made that listed all the possible gear combinations and the threads they produce.

Jims charts prompted to Bucksguy16 to color-code and refine them a bit.

Which in turn gave Robert (RWey50) the idea to create an actual software application that will calculate gear ratios and thread pitch.

Eventually Robert started a second forum post dedicated to the project, which can be found here.

This project has been an impressive example of collaboration and I’m thrilled to have members like Jim, Buckguy16, and Robert on this site. Thanks guys for your hard work and your willingness to share your projects with all of us!

Here are Jim’s original charts:

[download id=”68″] [download id=”69″]

Here’s Buckguy16’s revised version:

[download id=”70″]

And here’s Robert’s Application (Windows*):

[download id=”67″]

*Note: Robert’s application was written in C# and should run on any Windows machine. If anyone is interested in porting his application to the Java environment so that it can be run on any OS (Win/Mac/Linux), or even embedded on a webpage, please get in touch with me or with Robert.

Next week: Improving the backlash on the G0602 cross slide, by Jim Schroeder.




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  1. Just so you know the application runs just fine on Windows 10. It would be interesting to take the UI and move it to Xamarin/Visual Studio so that it runs on Android as well. This would still use the C# code from the original.