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Lathe Carriage Stop

by Gareth Bellringer

Do you have trouble turning to a shoulder? Do you long for an easy way of repeating where you stop the carriage?

If you answered yes to either one of these, you could need a carriage stop.

Here is what mine looks like.

This was made from a block of aluminium which is 51×26.3x22mm

To machine the contour of the lathe Vee, I mounted the stock in a vice at an angle.

I also made:

A Clamp plate.

This is the locking screw, for the adjustable stop, it is made from stainless steel, and is threaded M5

This is the adjustable stop, it is made from some sort of steel, and measures 74mm in length, the thick bit is 17.5×7.8 and the remainder is 6.8mm in diameter.

On the bottom of the clamp is two nubs that act as a lever for the clamping plate, they measure 4mm in diameter and protrude by 3mm. These were made by drilling two 3x4mm holes, and then gluing two 4x6mm aluminium dowels in.

Lets talk about the main body, on the top side it has two countersunk holes, for two M6 screws. it doesn’t matter where these go really however I shall, draw a proper plan for them.The larger hole is 10mm and the smaller is a clearance hole 7mm.

On the side of the stop is a hole, 7mm in diameter to take the adjustable stop.

On the back of the stop there is a hole, tapped m5 to take the adjustable stop screw.

There is a bit of extra space, if you wanted to put a micrometer, or make a multiple stop disk. That shouldn’t be too hard.

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Thanks for reading.

By Gareth Bellringer About the Author




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About GarethBell

Well I am currently 25 as of (2012) I live in North Wales, I work as a firefighter.

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  1. Nice work Gareth, but I just must say that Kyle Crane has already submitted a carriage stop. I have also have created a carriage stop as seen below, it works well but I'm considering starting over from scratch because this was made in a rush when I had to make a batch of unique bolts for a friend.          


    Image Enlarger

  2. Yeah I haven't posted this. It was a write-up for the home page and Tyler posted it on here.

    I'm aware of the other one on the homepage, it is good.

    Yours looks good are they both yours? I really like the idea of having the pin to tighten it to the ways.

  3. This looks really handy!

    Incidentally, the file linked at the bottom of the blog post is incorrect. It's pointing to “Camlock_for_a_Lathe_Tailstock_by_Gareth_Bellringer.pdfrather than to a lathe carriage stop plan.

  4. Yeah I have told Tyler. A while ago now though…

  5. Wow Gareth, my apologies. I forgot to fix this. But it's fixed now. The proper plans are linked from the main post. 

    I really am sorry. I've let this and other things fall through the cracks. I've been a massive mess for months trying to keep my job. The stress has been insane. But that's almost over now. I've been laid off, but it won't go into effect until mid february. Now I just have to try to avoid “short-timers” syndrome. 

    So the good news is I'll have a bit more time (finally) to spend on the site, once mid february hits. 

    Anyway, I'll create a post explaining the situation so everyone can find out what's been going on. 

    Change is a good thing. My wife and I both work, so financially we will be fine. So please don't bother with worrying about us. I needed a change. This couldn't have come at a better time!

  6. Thanks for sorting that out. I hope things work out for you.


  7. Three years on, I still regularly use this stop the only thing I’ve changed is the locking screw, i replaced it with a standard hex nut.