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The Story of the “NASA” Nut Cracker

NASA Nutcracker

Russ shares with us a long forgotten humerous fable of how man ... and squirrel ... first learned to crack walnuts. He then shows us his version of a nutcracker which he assembled from his scrap bin. Happy holidays everyone!

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For The Man Who Has Everything: A V8 Snowblower

My friend Duff sent me a link to this gizmag article from 2005. It’s a few years old now so some of you may have already seen it but I just had to re-post it. It’s a truly amazing hunk of machinery! Here’s the excerpt from the original article, see the bottom of the post for the link back to …

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Norman Newguy: In the Beginning

Norman Newguy: In the Beginning by Barry Young While perusing You Tube one day you quite by accident come across an intriguing video of a model steam engine whizzing away. Meh! You move on. Something in the back of your noggin keeps reminding you of the video. It just keeps coming back. “Honey!” you yell through the house, “Where was …

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