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Making a G0602 Cross Slide Retractor

1 - Retracting tool holder, design by George Thomas.

In this metalworking project Jim walks us through the steps required to build a handy cross slide retractor for the lathe. This modification simplifies the threading process by allowing the user to quickly retract the threading tool away from the part with a lever rather than by using the cross feed dial. It's also useful when making finish passes as the tool can be retracted prior to moving the carriage (thus your tool doesn't drag across the finished surface). The dimensions in the free drawings for this modification are for the popular G0602 10x22 lathe by Grizzly, but the drawings can be easily modified to fit the dimensions of other lathes.

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Details of the Simple G0602 Reverse Idler


by “JimSchroed” Material:  Steel Units: (in) Earlier I posted a brief article in the forum on an a simple reverse idler gear for G0602.  I have received several requests for additional information on this project. This article will provide specifics on how to make this modification.  A few points before I get into the details:  First, you must have access to ...

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Two Handy Accessories For Your Grizzly G0602 Lathe

Part 1: a 4″ 4-Jaw Chuck Adapter

Part 1: a 4″ 4-Jaw Chuck Adapter

Chuck and collet

by “JimSchroed” Material(s): Aluminum and Steel Units: (in) This is Part 1 of 2. Part 2 can be found here. The first step in starting a job on the lathe is figuring out how to hold the work. The G0602 (and probably most hobby lathes) comes equipped with two chucks, a six inch independent chuck and a five inch scroll chuck.  ...

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Tailstock Camlock for the Clarke CLM300M Lathe

Camlock left side

Hello there folks, I’ve had my lathe over a year now, and I’m sick to death of fiddling with the little bolt to loosen the tailstock. Something always seems to get in the way. So after a bit of research I thought I’d have a go at making my very own tailstock camlock. Note: I’ve included drawings in PDF format ...

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