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Video: An Introduction to Stones in the Machine Shop

Barry Young (author of the “Norman Newguy” column) walks us through the various stones he keeps in his tool box. His stones range from rare Hard Arkansas to cheap dollar store stones. Barry not only discusses different stones and their uses, he also explains how to flatten badly worn stones, how to tell natural stone from man-made, etc. He also …

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Norman Newguy: Are You On The Level?

by Barry Young Hello again readers. You have a gleaming green lathe, you have a solid workbench made just for it. Let’s put them together. This article will walk you through the process of leveling your lathe. First you must buy beer. Without beer you may have a hard time getting the guys to come over to help you lift …

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Norman Newguy: Making Custom Covers for Machinery

by Barry Young Machines are expensive. Dust is abrasive. Don’t believe me? Go get that old motorcycle helmet that Aunt Beunice gave you for your 16th birthday after you bought that 125cc Honda Combat Wombat with your paper route money. Yeah, the snazzy lime green one. See all that dust on the face shield? Give it a good rub and …

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Norman Newguy: In the Beginning

Norman Newguy: In the Beginning by Barry Young While perusing You Tube one day you quite by accident come across an intriguing video of a model steam engine whizzing away. Meh! You move on. Something in the back of your noggin keeps reminding you of the video. It just keeps coming back. “Honey!” you yell through the house, “Where was …

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