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How to Make a Custom Tap for Uncommon or Proprietary Threads

Creating a Custom Tap for Uncommon or Proprietary Threads

Have you ever needed a special size nut with uncommon or proprietary threads? Recently, I came upon a special size nut that I needed to repair an old Brown & Sharpe Protractor. Measuring the stud that I needed a nut for, I discovered that the stud was .207” and had 28 TPI. A number 10 bolt measures .190” and a …

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The Basics of Metalworking Taps, Tapping Fluids, & Tap Handles

I had a chance to sit down with Barry Young a while back and I asked him to talk about taps, tapping fluids, and tap handles. I wanted his overview to be as basic as possible so it would be beneficial to beginners, but I ended up learning a few things myself - especially about novel cutting fluids (in part 2). I videotaped Barry's commentary and divided it into 3 parts: part 1 - various taps and their uses, part 2: tapping fluids and lubricants, and part 3 - tap handle designs and limitations.

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