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A DIY Powered Benchtop Tapping Machine


Howdy Guy’s and Gal’s! It’s my turn now to contribute to the site with a tool that I consider a “must-have” for the home shop machinist. A powered benchtop threading/tapping machine! For some 25 years I have used this simple tapping machine in my workshop. One of my old colleagues invented it more than 40 years ago and he gave …

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A Simple Rotary Table Without a Worm Drive (Direct Turning)

by Harold Hall Material: Cast Iron Units: (mm) The more usual form of rotary table comprises a round table rotated manually via a worm and wormwheel. For many though, making this type would be too involved, a situation that the table described here seeks to overcome (Photo 1) In simple terms, the worm/wormwheel drive is omitted and the table rotated …

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G0602 Threading Charts Lead to a Free Software Application for the Lathe

A few weeks ago Jim Schroeder started a forum post called “Everything You Need To Know About G0602 Gear Ratios“, where he posted some charts that he had made that listed all the possible gear combinations and the threads they produce. Jims charts prompted to Bucksguy16 to color-code and refine them a bit. Which in turn gave Robert (RWey50) the …

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Lathe Carriage Stop

by Gareth Bellringer Do you have trouble turning to a shoulder? Do you long for an easy way of repeating where you stop the carriage? If you answered yes to either one of these, you could need a carriage stop. Here is what mine looks like. This was made from a block of aluminium which is 51×26.3x22mm To machine the …

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Tailstock Camlock for the Clarke CLM300M Lathe

Hello there folks, I’ve had my lathe over a year now, and I’m sick to death of fiddling with the little bolt to loosen the tailstock. Something always seems to get in the way. So after a bit of research I thought I’d have a go at making my very own tailstock camlock. Note: I’ve included drawings in PDF format …

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