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Tailstock Flag for the Grizzly G0602 10×22 Lathe (or Similar) is proud to announce a new product! A “Tailstock Flag” for the G0602 lathe (or any lathe with a tailstock barrel OD of between 1.240 and 1.265″).

Tailstock Flag for the Grizzly G0602 (or any lathe with a tailstock barrel OD of 1.240-1.265″).

Price: $8 (US orders $25 or over ship free)
Material: Black ABS Plastic
Warranty: Lifetime
Tailstock Barrel Diameter: 1.240-1.265″

This product stemmed from a part that I made a few years ago from Aluminum. It proved so useful that I decided to reproduce it in ABS plastic and offer it for sale here on the site. Most of the time when boring blind holes the depth isn’t all that critical, but when it is this tool comes in very handy. Especially for the G0602 which has an odd number of graduations (0.060″) per turn.

The flag is very rigid and has zero deflection when used with dial indicators (dial indicators have very light springs so it takes very little force to move the dial). The flag can be tightened securely with the included M5x30 cap screw.

ABS Flag next to it’s Aluminum Predicessor

The “Tailstock Flag” works extremely well, but it needs a better name. If anyone can suggest a better name, they’ll earn a free flag. Please leave your suggestions via the forum post linked to this blog post (link below).

I’ve also been working hard to make several different sizes of the AXA100 Tool Holder clips. Chances are good that there’s a size that will fit your lathe. So if you’d like to order a tailstock flag, I’d suggest ordering a few clips as well to save on shipping. Orders $25 and over ship for free.



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