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Free Metalworking Project Plans: FullMetal Rubber Band Gun (Metal Gear Solid)

Material: Steel or Aluminum
Units: (in)

This is pretty amazing. A Metal Gear Solid fan created a version of Solid Snake’s gun that shoots … Rubber Bands! I wish I could find plans for one of these! I’ve got the plans now! They aren’t exactly step-by-step, but they show details for the critical parts. It should be enough to get you started!

Here’s a video of the gun in action.

Here’s a video of the firing mechanism, and a bit of video showing how the gun was built.

And here are the plans, courtesy of James W. from the HSM forum. Thanks Jim! If anyone else has completed one of these, let me know – I’d love to post your project pictures. Also, if anyone has a more complete set of plans that includes 100% of the pieces, please let me know.

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About Tyler

Tyler is a hobby machinist and 3D printing aficionado. He teaches computer programming and web development at Highline College near Seattle. Tyler founded Projects In Metal in 2008 because he was frustrated by the lack of free plans available for hobby machinists.

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  1. this is hardcore

  2. Barney Taylor jr


    I would like the Metalworking Project Plans FullMetal Rubber Band Gun

    email studebaker59 at yahoo.com

  3. Am I missing something in the plans – The Rubber Band
    Gun appears to be missing the Hand piece (Body) and the spacers top and bottom are missing where the sights are – Any other plans available with the complete Metal Solid Gear Rubber Band Gun.

    Does anyone have any other plans for other styles of Rubber Band Guns ???

  4. No, unfortunately you’re not missing anything. That was all I could ever find on the gun. Not only are a few parts missing, there aren’t any dimensions at all. I was just going to print out the “plans” and cut out the shapes, then scribe around them onto the aluminum plate that I was going to use to build the gun. I just never got around to it. However, I think that all the important parts are there, and anything missing can be seen in the videos and on the sites in the links I provided. So I’m sure the missing parts could be re-created. If you make one of these and you’d like to document it and maybe draw up better plans, I’d be interested. I’d even be willing to reimburse you for your time and effort.

  5. I am trying to get the plan for the Metal Solid Gear Rubber Band Gun can some one give me some help getting the plans email at studebaker59 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    taylorb (at) coastacarolina (dot) edu


  6. Hi Barney, you can download the plans from the PDF link above. I’m not sure if you missed that or if your asking for more detailed plans than what is provided in the PDF. Also, I edited the two e-mail addresses in your comment for your protection. It will make them a little harder (but not impossible) for e-mail spiders to see. I’m just trying to prevent a bunch of spam showing up in your e-mail. If anyone e-mails you a better set of plans please let me know and I’ll post them here. Thanks!

  7. Hey Tyler – I am in the middle of drawing plans in dxf format. I have a desktop lasercutter that can cut timber and acrylic plastic. If you can help supply any other information that may help that would be great.EG- Exploded view of parts. I will do a test cut in MDF to make sure the parts go together first. This may take some time but I will get there. What I did was to get the pdf file and using a PFD-To- DXF converter got me started. Resized it to approx 250mm
    I just cant seem to work out how the hand piece attatches to the body ??? ANY IDEA’S – Help

    Regards Arty – South Australia

  8. Hi Tyler

    I think I have got it ! :-)

    I have overlayed all my parts in Acad and had to improvize the handle parts. I will try and cut with my laser cutter in the next week or to and let you know the outcome. The only part I have not done is the trigger safety mechanism I will try and figure that out once I start to assemble it

    Regards Arty – South Australia

  9. Sweet! Please post a few pictures when you get around to it (on the forum). You can put it in the Metalworking section even though it won’t be made out of metal. If the plans seem to work out I’d be interested in a copy of them. Maybe even a gun if you get it to work. Keep me posted!

  10. I’m making this gun out of aluminum in my grade 10 metal shop class. It’s my third project (ever) and I’m making 99% of the cuts with a band saw (drawing the image on with carbon paper). I’ve cut out all the pieces (with the exception of the ironsights) and made some adjustments to the gun.
    I removed the safety entirely; useless if you ask me. I’m making it out of aluminum (4mm everywhere, may have to thin some out) and welding with JB Weld, which is working pretty well. I obviously had to improv the handle, but it wasn’t too hard because I could just trace the picture of the entire gun. I ended up with 3 U shaped pieces (combination of both sides of the handle and the bottom), all together in the middle, with 2 covers that meet with the 2 main parts that hold the gear. I scrapped all the aesthetic parts on the handle, and I’m not sure if I’ll get around to drilling all the little holes.
    I still have to cut out a few small pieces and put it together (should take around 2 weeks, hopefully less). Once it’s done, I’ll come back with my results (maybe even figure out how to get my plans onto my computer and uploaded).
    Thanks for hosting all the content :D

  11. @Calvin, I’m trying to make this in my metal’s class too. Can you please send me the plans that you used to soviet21@gmx.us

  12. earnestjeffrey

    I changed the pdf file to a dwg file. There I am able to take dimensions and or change anything I want to. If you decide to do this dont forget to explode the lines.

  13. Can you send me the DWG you made? I’ll credit you when I post it.

  14. Hi Tyler
    I have completed the gun which was quite a job as not
    all the plans were complet.i have made the top section
    of the gun longer which covers the wheel which holds the rubber bands and have extended the barrel as well which i think makes the gun look much better and made the barrel and hand grip together as one piece.i do have a confession to make i made everything in super marine ply which is very strong indeed.i found it a very interesting project. 11/5/2010. MIKE IN ISRAEL.

  15. I’m going to close the comments here and move them to the forum. So moving forward everyone can upload their pictures to the forum and leave their comments there instead.

    @Mike/AIRCRAFT 68, congrats on finishing the gun! I’d like to see how you altered it. Would you be willing to send me pictures? You can upload them to the forum. No worries that it’s not made of metal, wood is probably more fitting for a rubber band gun – especially if a child is going to be using it. Does it work well? I couldn’t figure out if there were some missing internal parts.

    I’m hoping earnestjeffry will send over the DWG file he made so that I can use a CNC mill to cut one out in a jiffy!

    To leave a comment join the forum discussion on this post

  16. Hi i have built the gun no problem but i am having trouble with the
    firing secquence when i load up they all fire at the same time instead of one at a time HELP PLEASE


    Mike, use the “Reply to Post” link, not the “Report Post” link. Otherwise I'm the only one that can see your message.

    Now, as far as your problem is concerned, it could be a problem with the tension on the spring that retracts the firing pin (I have no idea what it's actually called). When you squeeze the trigger the pin slips out of place allowing the wheel holding the rubber bands to rotate. If that doesn't quickly spring back into place all your rubber bands will shoot at once. Try increasing the tension on this spring (cut the spring shorter maybe?). Or add a second spring to make it snap back in place quicker.

  17. In the last video you'll see the operation of firing at about 45 seconds. The spring that you can see in the sequence is the spring that I'm talking about.

  18. do you have another plan of rubber band gun from kazkın???

  19. bugraorhun said:do you have another plan of rubber band gun from kazkın???

    This is all I've got. A few other people have tried to convert the PDF into CAD format for their CNC setups, but I don't know how much success they've had. I'd like to see a better set of plans as well. Let me know if you find any.

  20. i am intrested in making the elastic band gun, but the plans provided lack a lot of the basic dimensions. i was just wondering if anyone has already completed the gun, and if they had, then have you got completed plans for it? if you think you can make life easier for me then email me at andrewrichardson_29@hotmail.com.

    cheers, andy

  21. Tyler said:

    Now, as far as your problem is concerned, it could be a problem with the tension on the spring that retracts the firing pin (I have no idea what it's actually called). When you squeeze the trigger the pin slips out of place allowing the wheel holding the rubber bands to rotate. If that doesn't quickly spring back into place all your rubber bands will shoot at once. Try increasing the tension on this spring (cut the spring shorter maybe?). Or add a second spring to make it snap back in place quicker.

    My two boys have wooden versions of similar guns and that's the problem that they have with theirs…  They load a bunch of rubber bands, but they all shoot at once.  I checked them out for the boys and found that when they pull the trigger, they cannot “hold” the trigger, or all the bands will shoot.  They must QUICKLY snap the trigger and let it retract so that it stops the carousel at the next rubber band.  For the metal gun, not sure if the trigger works the same way, but hopefully not. 

    Not sure if this info is helpful or not , but hopefully.


  22. Hey Im new here but I just built a gun similar to the one in the plans.  The timing is very tricky to get down as the wheel stop must be released from the trigger mechanism just as soon as it allows the wheel to rotate.  I added a screw to the hook that acts as a fulcrum stop to the trigger which causes the hook to release from the wheel stop at a set distance, sorry this is hard to explain without a picture but all I have to do is adjust the screw to change where the hook releases from the wheel stop.  You must make the hook, wheel stop and wheel out of metal!! Otherwise all youll have is a bunch of gouged wore out parts trust me, the aluminum cant take the abuse.  

    The gun is more reliable but every once in a while it will still fire multiple shots usually two at a time, but it is just a ton of fun to plink your wifes cat with (only when she is not home!!!) and with the addition of a small cam you can make it to where all the rounds go off which really pisses the cat off!!

    I also built a gun which just uses a wheel and trigger as the only two moving pieces and it is actually more reliable than the set up in the plans.  Just watch the videos you find on the web and every once in a while it will stop on a drawing of the gun.  Thats how I built mine and after some fine tuning it works great.  [Image Can Not Be Found] 

  23. Thanks SRW, I haven't built one of these but I'd like to one of these days. I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Do you have a picture of your finished gun? You mentioned it was a bit different, do you have the plans for it? I'd like to see them if you do. 

  24. Hey what is the gear made of. I know how to make the main body of the gear (Part that holds rubberbands) but what about the small circle you see in the center. Is it a certain piece or is it just a small bearing or what? Thanks in advanceSmile

  25. I haven't made my own yet, so I'm not exactly sure. But from the pictures it looks like he welded some aluminum washers to each side of the “gear”. Bearings would be better, but I'm not sure if you can spot weld bearings without distorting them from the heat. But then again, this isn't exactly a precision weapon, so bearings probably aren't that important. 

    I think the purpose of the washers on each side are to act as spacers and also to make the “gear” more stable on the bolt that holds everything together. 

  26. I made this  Rubber Band Gun for my son.


  27. Hi Andrey. 

    The gun looks awesome! Does it function well? 

    Any chance I could get a copy of the files you created and post them on the site (or if you prefer that I don't post them, any chance I can get them for my own personal use?)? I've had several dozen people ask me for them and I haven't had the time to draw them up (the plans I have are incomplete and have no measurements). 

    I'd also like to convert them into an .sla file and print them out on the 3D printer I'm putting together this week. I ordered a Makerbot Thing-o-matic and it should be here tomorrow. So I'm itching for projects!

  28. The Rubber Band Gun is working fine! 

    I made the gun out of aluminum as a whole. But some parts of the mechanism should be made of solid metal.

    I will give the files (SolidWorks2010). But later. I need to clean up the files.

  29. That would be excellent. Thanks in advance for the files!

  30. I do not know how to upload the files to the forum. Please download it from my site and post them on your forum.

    Some parts may require improvements during the assembly of the gun.

    If you have a problem with opening the files please contact me.
    Sorry for my English!

  31. This is brilliant little machining project, challenging, yet a multipart mechanism that works well.

  32. Downloading the files now Andrey. I will post them to the site when I have a chance. Thanks!

    Any chance you could convert them to an .stl file (in millimeters)? My 3D printer builds files from an .stl file and turnes that into G-code. I'd like to try printing the gun just for fun. I would do it, but I don't have Solidworks installed on my machine. 

  33. I added the STL-files.

  34. Here are the Solidworks files. Andrey, you had trouble uploading them because you compressed them into a .rar format, they need to be .zip to upload here. No biggie. I un-rared and re-zipped.

    I also see you added the .stl files to your site! Awesome! I was trying to find a .sldprt to .stl converter. They exist for Windows (eViewer can do it) but not for the Mac. The Mac version of eViewer won't let you export to an STL file. 

    Woot! Now I can print myself a gun! Awesome. Yorkies beware, your dad is going to be armed and dangerous soon! 

    Yorkies, hell … wife beware! Mwuhaha!

  35. if anyone has the full blueprints would you kindly send me a private message? I'm working on getting my 5th lvl machining title in the military and would love to do this project. thank you.

  36. Hi ElderGoose,

    I edited your post to remove your email (to help prevent spam in your inbox).

    One of our members (Andrey) kindly created Solidworks drawings of the gun. His files can be found on his site. If you complete the gun please share pictures of your finished project with us.

  37. Did anyone ever complete drawings for this rubber band gun? In something other than solidworks format, a PDF or dwg,dxf. 

    I plan on building one and it would help with lass trial and error of the parts, thanks


    i can create the CAD drawings and plan on dimensioning in English the 2 page PDF file that is posted, but it looks like it’s missing a few parts.

  38. That is excellent ! Thank you.

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