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Video: Operating an Atlas Horizontal Milling Machine (a Review)

I recently rented “Operating an Atlas Horizontal Milling Machine” by Rudy Kouhoupt from SmartFlix and I wanted to take a moment to review the video.

Topic: Operating a Horizontal Milling Machine (Atlas MFC)
Level: Beginner
Format: DVD (2.5 hours)

Overall I think the video is definitely worth renting, especially for anyone who owns an Atlas mill, or anyone who is new to horizontal mills in general. However, more advanced machinists might find parts of the video a bit slow.

There are two projects included in the video. A saw arbor and a clamp block (basically a fixture plate) – both are of Rudy’s design. Plans for both projects are included with the video and Rudy spends the second half of the video showing how to make the clamp block step-by-step.

ProjectsInMetal readers can now sign up for Machinist University through SmartFlix and get the first month free! That’s a $23 value. There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time. I’ve been renting from SmartFlix for a few years now and I have never had anything other than positive experiences. Click on the link above or the image below for details.

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About Tyler

Tyler is a hobby machinist and 3D printing aficionado. He teaches computer programming and web development at Highline College near Seattle. Tyler founded Projects In Metal in 2008 because he was frustrated by the lack of free plans available for hobby machinists.

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  1. Very nice review, Tyler.

            Liked your format of short snips of the video itself with your over-view comments. Although I don't anticipate acquiring a horizontal mill, this was interesting nevertheless. Thanks for sharing.

         – Don     also having the 'restore/rebuild gene… :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Don! I'm glad you liked the format.

    I'm waiting on the “Advanced Milling Machine Operations” to arrive in the mail. It's also by Rudy but I think he uses a vertical mill for that video. It might be more applicable to those of you who don't have a H-mill. 

    I want to do a handful of reviews for you guys so that you can see what you're renting before you rent it. Machining videos can be a wonderful resource for learning, but not if you rent one and nothing on the DVD is of interest to you. 

    Anyway, stay tuned for future reviews.