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Tuesday , June 30 2015
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Home > Shop Tips > Video: Sharpening Twist Drills By Hand – A 2 Part Video Tutorial

Video: Sharpening Twist Drills By Hand – A 2 Part Video Tutorial

In the following two videos Barry Young walks you through the process of sharpening your twist drills by hand. There are a few other videos on the web showing this process, but none (at least none that I’ve found) show multiple angles and describe the process in as much detail as these videos do.

This is our first major video tutorial project with multiple camera views. We shot it in HD (1080p) with High Def cameras and then uploaded it to YouTube in HD (720p) which is as high a quality as YouTube will allow. But even at 720p the video is better than DVD quality.

Please leave your comments via the forum and let us know what you think. Our next videos will be on grinding your own HSS tooling (RH Tool, LH Tool, and Threading Tool), and then we plan to do a multi-cam video on single point threading.

However, your feedback is critical. We want to know your thoughts, good or bad. It would also be helpful to know if there are any other topics that you’d like to see made into videos.


Tyler and Barry

Video #1 of 2: Sharpening Twist Drills By Hand – Introduction

Video #2 of 2: Sharpening Twist Drills By Hand – Sharpening



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About Tyler

Tyler is a hobby machinist and 3D printing aficionado. He teaches computer programming and web development at Highline College near Seattle. Tyler founded Projects In Metal in 2008 because he was frustrated by the lack of free plans available for hobby machinists.