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Workshop Practice Series: The Complete List of Titles

Another incredible source of information for the amateur machinist is the Workshop Practice Series. There are currently over 40 books in the series, covering virtually every aspect of the home workshop. Some aren’t directly related to metalworking, but they are still a good read.

I’ve had trouble tracking down a complete list of the books in the series. Even the publisher’s website (Special Interest Model Books) doesn’t list the books in chronological order. So, for your convenience, here’s a complete list of the books available in the Workshop Practice Series, along with links directly to Amazon:

  1. Hardening, Tempering & Heat Treatment
  2. Vertical Milling in the Home Workshop
  3. Screwcutting in the Lathe
  4. Foundrywork for the Amateur
  5. Milling Operations in the Lathe
  6. Measuring and Marking Metals
  7. The Art of Welding
  8. Sheet Metal Work
  9. Soldering and Brazing
  10. Saws & Sawing
  11. Electroplating
  12. Drills Taps and Dies
  13. Workshop Drawing
  14. Making Small Workshop Tools
  15. Workholding in the Lathe
  16. Electric Motors
  17. Gears & Gear Cutting
  18. Basic Benchwork
  19. Spring Design and Manufacture
  20. Metalwork and Machining Hints & Tips
  21. Adhesives & Sealants
  22. Workshop Electrics
  23. Workshop Construction
  24. Electric Motors in the Home Workshop
  25. The Backyard Foundry
  26. Home Workshop Hints & Tips
  27. Spindles
  28. Simple Workshop Devices
  29. CAD for Model Engineers
  30. Workshop Materials
  31. Useful Workshop Tools
  32. Unimat III Lathe Accessories
  33. Making Clocks
  34. Lathework: A Complete Course (Read Review)
  35. Milling: A Complete Course
  36. Photo Etching
  37. Dividing
  38. Tool & Cutter Sharpening
  39. Model Engineers’ Workshop Projects
  40. Bearings
  41. Grinding, Honing & Polishing
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